Financial Literacy and You

At The Money Geek our mission is to help people who simply aren’t satisfied with their current relationship with money. This dissatisfaction can arise for many different reasons: perhaps your parents had money issues, maybe you’ve made money mistakes in the past, it could be that you simply can’t figure out how to move forward from where you are today.

Whatever the case, the answer to so many of these problems is to increase your financial literacy. Financial literacy is simply having a fundamental understanding of how money works and how to effectively make use of it in your own life.

Why Is Financial Literacy So Important?

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that many people struggle with their finances. In fact a recent study by the Federal Reserve Board found that 40% of Americans couldn’t cover an unexpected $400 expense should one arise. In Canada, the situation is even worse: an Ipsos survey found 50% of Canadians couldn’t cover an extra $200 expense

Living so close to the line has a real impact on your quality of life. It may have a negative impact on the kind of work you do, where you live, and the interests and activities you are able to pursue. No one likes to feel trapped. Our goal is to prevent that from happening to you, or, if it already has, to show you how to get out from under it and get on with a better, happier way of living.

The easiest way to improve your financial literacy is to get started with our Basic Finance Video Course. Here, you’ll find financial principles spelled out in easy-to-understand terms, and we’ll teach you how to easily and effectively manage your money.

Who Is The Money Geek?

Graeme Hughes - The Money Geek

The Money Geek is written by Graeme Hughes, an accredited financial planner who worked in Canada’s financial services industry for more than 23 years. I hold the Personal Financial Planner designation conferred by the Canadian Securities Institute.

During the course of my career I noticed that there are a lot of significant challenges when it comes to managing personal finances. I would see a lot of the same issues and mistakes arise again and again. Unfortunately, to get professional help you need to pay for it, either directly or through commissions paid on investment products. This can make it challenging for some families to get the valuable help they need.

At The Money Geek our goal is to provide quality help to those of modest means, or those who prefer to manage their own affairs rather than pay someone to do it for them. I would be pleased offer any help I can, and always appreciate getting your questions. Feel free to reach out through the Contact The Geek page.

Better Is Always Possible
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