Gold As An Investment – Why? When? How? (Video)

Investing in gold is probably one of the most widely-held discussions in the investment world. Everyone has an opinion, and a lot of them can be pretty extreme. From doomsday preppers to the anti-central-bank crowd, gold is sometimes looked on as the natural home of cranks and pessimists. But does it have utility as an investment for the rest of us?

In this latest video we look at gold as an investment. Is there a place for it in the portfolios of average investors? Are there times when an allocation to gold makes more sense? Finally, what are the two primary ways to have exposure to gold in your portfolio?

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Video Content Outline – Gold As An Investment

0) Background

1) Practical Uses for Gold

2) Gold and the “Intrinsic Value” Argument

3) Gold and its Historical Value

4) Gold’s Place in Your Portfolio – as a store of value

5) The Price History of Gold

6) What About Today? Is now the time for gold investing?

6) How To Invest In Gold

7) Keep It Appropriate For You

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