The 3 Most Common Mistakes of Canadian Investors

I had the great privilege of being asked to write a guest post for Cut The Crap Investing (CTCI) which went live yesterday. CTCI is a fantastic resource for Canadians interested in low-fee investing. Below is an excerpt and link to the article.

During the course of my financial planning career, I was privileged to help hundreds of families work to achieve their financial goals. Talking to families about what they really wanted in life, and how they planned to go about getting it, was by far the best part of the work. And I can honestly say I enjoyed every single conversation.

My clients had many different approaches to managing their finances; from full-on do-it-yourselfers, to the completely disinterested. But among all these families, I noticed there were some significant difficulties that arose time and time again. Although these are all fairly fundamental issues, it was surprising to see how often they were either ignored or, at a minimum, inadequately considered. 

They are all challenges that can be successfully managed with some attention and, in many cases, good advice from a qualified professional. Identified here are three in particular that I frequently had to address.

The most common investment mistakes……

…..Read the rest of the article at Cut The Crap Investing

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