Part 2 – What Is Income? Earning, Growing and Protecting It

What is income? That seems like a simple question, but is there more to it than we realize?

In Part 2 of our Basic Finance Video Course we discuss this very basic building block of financial success – earning sufficient income. Learn what real income is, and what it is not. We’ll also have some thoughts on growing and protecting your income in future years.

Further, you’ll find answers to the questions: Why should even salaried employees view themselves as entrepreneurs? What role does insurance play when it comes to my income? What is income’s significance in my overall financial picture?

Tune in to get the skinny on this primary building block of wealth building!

What We Learn In This Video (Length: 9:40)

What is income?

What is income not? An asset sale, or a loan.

The ability to earn an income is your most valuable asset.

How are you positioned in the labour market?

Protecting and growing your income earning ability.

Always think like an entrepreneur.

Insuring your income earning ability.

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